* L’Air De Rien was created for French actress/singer/artist Jane Birkin initially, then released as a mainline fragrance.  Jane was also the inspiration for the Birkin bag, a leather weekend bag by Hermes that is coveted by many but unattainable due to its high price.

* Although designed for a women, this is definitely not a typical fragrance.  The top notes are dominated by a very animalic musk.

* Be sure to carefully skin test this fragrance extensively before purchasing.  During my testing, the initial few minutes were sometimes almost fecal in intensity, with a strong civet influence.

* In the middle development, there is an interplay of an orange-y neroli and a dirty oak moss.  It’s as if the animal bite has become grounded and earthy.

* Translated to English, its name literally means “looks like nothing,” but the idiomatic meaning is much closer to being unaware of the importance of something major.

* The base notes are nicely vanilla with a dry amber.  They are quite pleasant, and a complete 360 turnaround from the top notes.

Summary:  If you want a fragrance that will take you on a journey over the course of a few hours, L’Air de Rien is one that fits the bill.  From beginning to end, you seemingly go from animal to earth to heaven.   The projection isn’t strong, so it is more of a personal journey.  This is definitely a scent that needs to be skin tested, though, because it completely different on skin than it is on card – and smells differently on different people.

Miller Harris L’Air De Rien is available at LuckyScent and Min New York.


3 Responses to Miller Harris L’Air De Rien Fragrance Review

  1. I really like this fragrance. The filthiness of it doesn’t bother me. I seem to like indoles and some skank in perfumes. It’s the squeaky clean perfumes that I’m uncomfortable with…

  2. Ferris says:

    i dont get the dirty aspect of L’Air de Rien. At the top I get something that smells like old wood dresser drawers, the the neroli and orange blossom come into play. its ok but I probably wont invest in a bottle. I like MKK and Kiehl’s Original Musk better.

    • Ron Slomowicz says:

      I need to go back and re-try MKK. Early on in my smelling journey, I attacked the SL house and chose a few that i liked (my favorite is Cuir Mauresque and I own a total of 4). I remember thinking MKK was too dirty for me.. but now it might be just about right.

      I like Kiehl’s Original Musk – but from them, I like their Amber roll-on even more. Smells amazing nad so inexpensive.

      Thanks for reading my blog.

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